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help save rhinos in Africa with the Rhino Orphanage

get involved

help us save rhinos.

In order for our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre to keep saving and protecting baby rhinos, we need ongoing funding. No matter how big or how small, every donation is spent on giving the rhino orphans the best possible chance of survival and to give them a long, happy life. 

No single person, no single organisation, and no single country on this planet will save the species. We need everyone on this planet to work together.

supporting the rhino orphanage

There are 6 different ways you can help The Rhino Orphanage continue their work to save rhinos.

give a one-time donation

Once-off donations, one-time gifts, or bequeaths are all greatly valued. Contributions of this kind qualify for a tax rebate and bequeaths are a wonderful way to leave a legacy to the natural environment.

help save rhinos by adopting a baby rhino orphan
adopt a rhino orphan
Adopt a baby rhino with an automatic monthly subscription. An heart-warming gift to yourself or someone who feels passionate about conservation. All adopted “parents” receive quarterly updates on their baby rhino via email, as well as a personalised Certificate of Adoption with the name of your rhino orphan.